Now is the perfect time to escape the city and enjoy what has affectionately become known as the ‘Warby Trail’.

The Warburton Trail starts at the northern end of the Lilydale Train Station car park with signposts marking its starting point. The first stage of the ride involves a very gradual 125m climb over 6.9km to Mt Evelyn. The fact that this is the most challenging aspect of the whole trail is testament to how perfect this trail is suited to even the most novice rider.

For those squirming at the idea of riding 40km in the saddle, a growing number of riders are choosing to begin their ride at Mt Evelyn where there is plenty of parking available. The chart below indicates the length of each section of trail.


Lilydale StationMount Evelyn Station6.9 km
Mount Evelyn StationWandin Station5.4 km
Wandin StationSeville Station3.4 km
Seville StationKillara Station3.2 km
Killara StationWoori Yallock Station4.1 km
Woori Yallock StationLaunching Place Station6.4 km
Launching Place StationYarra Junction Station2.1 km
Yarra Junction StationWesburn Station3.7 km
Wesburn StationMillgrove Station1.6 km
Millgrove StationWarburton Station3.3 km
Total Distance40 km

Address: 35 Seymour St, Seville VIC 3139

Ph: (03) 5964 2773

Note: Carriage Cafe Seville is open on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 3pm and Friday from 9am to 5pm. It is closed on Monday and Wednesday.


Address: 42 Station Rd, Warburton VIC 3799

Ph: (03) 5966 2213

Note: Cog Bike Cafe is open from Thursday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm.


Starting Point: Lilydale Railway Station, Lilydale VIC 3140 (just off Maroondah Hwy)

Terminus Point: Warburton Railway Station, Warburton VIC 3799 (just off Warburton Hwy)

Ph: 1300 368 333 (Yarra Ranges Council)

Most regular Warby Trail users agree that the Trail really comes into its own from Killara Station onwards.

It’s here, along the Valley floor, that the land (and the views) start to open up around you. The gorgeous mountains of the Yarra Ranges National Park including Mount Donna Buang provide the perfect backdrop and motivation to keep you pushing the pedals all the way to Warburton. Along the way, why not drop in to one of the cafes along the trail? Stunning locations, scrumptious food and a nice atmosphere to boot.

If you have a bike then you should get on it and ride the Warburton Trail as soon as you can – it’s a must do attraction in the Yarra Valley. It’s free, it’s beautiful, and it’s good for you. There’s not too many things you can say that about nowadays!

If you like the Warby Trail, you will also enjoy the recently completed O’Shannassy Trail.

Lilydale Railway Station – the Warburton Trail’s starting point:

Warburton Railway Station – the Warburton Trail’s terminus point: