It’s time to polish your hood ornaments and set the GPS for Wandin East Recreation Reserve for the first Wandin Custom Car & Bike Show for 2015 on Wednesday 21st January from 6PM.

If you have attended before you know what to expect – rows and rows of classic cars and bikes, made of real metal, lots of polished chrome and bucket loads of pride.

With fine weather expected and many people still on holidays,  the first show for the year promises to be a big one.  The bigger the better we say! After all, it’s a treat to see so many beautiful vehicles in the one place. We did a rough calculation of the total value of the cars on show and arrived at the stagering figure of 15 million dollars. Think about that as you wander around the show this Wednesday night.

If you have never been before watch our video below.

Organised by Sindy Redden, this event has grown from a small group of cars in the Wandin shopping centre car park to a huge show at the Wandin East Recreation Reserve with as many as 700 exhibitors coming from all over Victoria.

There’s a CFA BBQ, Wood Fired Pizza, and plenty to eat and drink.

Patron entry is by gold coin donation and all money goes to charity.

Pre- 1985 Cars and all bikes $5 Entry.