It’s Never Too Late

By Staff Writer – Stephen Saunders

Tania Chanter came to painting later in life. She had always had a desire to express herself, but had never really found a way. That was about to change. Inspired by watching Bob Ross videos on YouTube, one of her sons said, “let’s getting come painting gear and give it a go!” – For those unfamiliar with Bob Ross – he was an American painter responsible for the instructional television program The Joy of Painting that became popular in the 1980’s and has since found a new audience on the Internet. – So, that’s how it all started. Her boys completed a painting each, while Tania became completely engrossed and hasn’t stopped painting ever since. She had found her medium and so began a new chapter in her life.

Tania Chanter Painting

Her work is driven by intuition, a love of colour and pattern. Currently she is focussing on landscapes inspired by the Yarra Valley and the changing effects of the elements on the environment. Whether it’s a field of wildflowers swaying in the wind or a thunderous storm ravaging a hillside, her aim is to capture the atmosphere and communicate emotion.

“I started when I was six and pretty much took a 43-year hiatus”

“I started when I was six and pretty much took a 43-year hiatus … I never imagined I would get into it as I’ve never been any good at drawing.” 

Tania always felt a little frustrated. She had the desire to create, but felt she wasn’t good enough to accomplish anything of value. With positive feedback for her paintings and people actually buying them, she now feels that all the hard work is worth it. “Even if no one bought my work, I still feel compelled to continue improving and developing my style.” 

Tania has a message for others who might feel the same. “What this has proved to me more than anything is that you can only limit yourself … I had no idea I was going to paint or enjoy painting but everyone should try it,” she said. “Don’t be held back by your own fear, as you may find that you love it and can do it.”

“Don’t be held back by your own fear..”

Tania is currently exhibiting her work a the following Yarra Valley venues.

The Round Bird Can’t Fly

Kallista Tea Rooms

Morgan Vineyards