Ever wanted to see how you sound with a  proper microphone and backup track in a real studio?

Or maybe you would like to properly record your child singing their favourite songs before they grow up. Or perhaps even record some relatives with stories of their youth for the family history before it’s lost forever. We know what you’re thinking – who can afford that, and what studio would indulge me, anyway? Well, we’ve found it and it’s right here in Yarra Valley! Introducing  Sound Factor Studio in Warburton.

Impromptu Recordings
Have you ever wished you were able to record your children singing their favourite song, or do you have a short story or some poetry that you have had the idea to record? How about wanting to record an event or experience that means something to you? Sound Factor Studio offers you the experience of recording in a professional studio and you will receive a CD of your work. It’s a great gift idea for relatives or friends who live overseas!

Take advantage of the special introductory rates in February and March – only $40 for a 30 minute session.

The cafe is now open! Featuring Mediterranean flair, the cafe serves authentic Maltese pastizzis, Turkish and Italian coffee, cold drinks, real chai and much more.

So once again the Yarra Valley provides another hidden gem – a great local recording studio that supports local artists and where even amateurs can explore their creative side. Is there nothing you can’t do in the Yarra Valley?

Note: Sound Factor Studio & cafe is an alcohol free venue.

Address: Rear 3415 Warburton Hwy, Warburton VIC 3799

Ph: 0427 161 264