Spring is in the air and the Yarra Valley Concert season has begun. The 15th Annual Good Weekend Opera in the Vineyards was an event to be remembered, if not for the splendour of the period costumes and the superb voices, certainly for the appalling weather.  Due to the unpredictability of the weather the opera is held, not in the open as you may imagine, but rather in a very substantial marquis.

Maestro Brian Castles-Onion headed the bill and set the tone for the evening with his witty and faced paced commentary. Castles-Onion is one of Australia’s most exciting and well known conductors. He takes delight in stripping Opera of its mystique and in so doing makes it  accessible even for the uninitiated.

Gracing the stage were highly talented singers, Joshua Bloom, Tarita Carbo, Lorina Gore and Sally-Anne Russell. The clarity and beauty of their voices is impossible to describe in words. Watch the video below and hear for yourself.