The Blue Lotus Water Garden holds its annual Lotus Flower Season which features thousands of Lotus and Water Lily flower blooms of many different varieties spread over 50,000 square meters (14 acres) of ponds and ornamental lakes set in a tropical garden. Some of the flowers stand six feet out of the water with flower heads the size of dinner plates.

Expansion of the garden with new area, more walking tracks, new Kids play area, upgraded Fairy Garden and more picnic huts.

See one of the world’s giant water lily species the Giant Amazon Lily Victoria Cruziana. In 2015 one leaf achieved a size of 170 centimetres in diameter, the biggest leaf ever grown in Australia.

Lotus Flower Season - Lotus flowers - Do The Yarra Valley
Lotus Flower Season

Other feature plants include the Giant Crocodile Lily Euryale Ferox. The Rare Plants Pavilion that houses a collection of exotic species from tropical regions of the world including the Egyptian Blue Lotus. Plus one of the oldest flowers on earth; the 2000 year old Japanese Oga Lotus pond.

See many of the Yarra Valley’s native birds including honey-eaters, kookaburras, parrots, cockatoos and many different water birds.

the garden and nursery will be open from 27th december for the next lotus flower season

Blue Lotus Water Garden

Blue Lotus Water Garden
2628 Warburton Highway, Yarra Junction, VIC 3797

Phone: +61 3 5967 2061

Event runs until:

2 April 2017