Hot rods on the Green - Rochford WinesWhen it comes to offering activities and entertainment in the Yarra Valley it’s hard to beat Rochford Wines!

After a string of big name concerts on the green including, Rob Thomas, Tom Jones and Dianna Krall, Rochford’s latest event featuring hundreds of Hot Rods was a huge success.

Hot Rods on the Green was organised by the Eagles Hot Rod & Custom Club of Victoria and attracted some of the best vehicles from around the country. We spoke to Steve Bridges from the organising panel, who told us the average value of the Hot Rods on show was around $75,000. These mobile works of art, as Steve prefers to call them, are the result of their passionate owners investing hundreds of hours in their restoration. The results are very very impressive. There’s nothing quite like a highly polished Hot Rod parked on a grass field in one of the most picturesque locations in the Yarra Valley. Watch our video interviews as the owners tell us about their cars.

Visit the VJMC Club websiteFor more information on Rochford Wine events visit their website.