Healesville Sanctuary - dotheyarravalley.com.auHealesville Sanctuary is one of Austraila’s most popular wildlife sanctuaries and one of our favorites. It really is a ‘must visit’ attraction if you are planning a holiday in Victoria.

The sanctuary was founded in 1921 by Dr Colin MacKenzie with the aim of studying native fauna for the purpose of medical research. Over the years the park has undergone many changes and has  lead the way in many areas of animal conservation including being the first organisation to successfully breed platypus in captivity.

There are 200 species of Australian wildlife on display and if you enjoy photographing animals up close, you will love Healesville Sanctuary!

Stroll through the meandering paths (it’s around 3km walk) and soak in the natural beauty and magnificent design of these unique creatures.

Sanctuary Highlights

Don’t miss the spectacular Birds of Prey Presentation every day at noon and 2.30pm.  It is a free-flying display featuring raptors such as falcons, kites, owls, the Wedge-tailed Eagle and the amazing Emu egg breaking buzzard.

Parrots in Flight

Parrots in Flight is a free-flying display in the Sanctuary’s outdoor amphitheatre. This fun show features a Long-billed Corella and a Eclectus Parrot.

Presentations are free of charge and are held daily at 1.30pm. Presentation time is approx- 20 minutes.

Meet the Keeper

Meet the Keeper presentations are a great way to find out more about Australian wildlife from the people who really know the animals. These presentations are scheduled at various locations and times. As these times are often dependent on the animals, you can find out all the details on entry.

We caught up with renowned Australian Wildlife Photographer Steve Parish at the Sanctuary and he kindly agreed to share his Top 3 tips for photographing wildlife.

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