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The first Gourmet Greenhouse Farmers Market at Ferndale Farmgate was a smashing success!

On a perfect sunny day a steady stream of people wandered through the market sampling, organic jams, spreads, wines, and vegetables. The quality of organic produce on offer was outstanding.  The Yarra Valley Gourmet Greenhouse is a two person operation run by Meagan Bertram and Steven Briggs, both of whom have a background in horticulture. To get a feel for the day watch our video below:

Organic farmingLive music added to the atmosphere as did the cooking demonstrations from two of the Yarra Valley’s top chefs,
Dale Prentice Executive Chef at Stones of the Yarra Valley and Mathew Macartney Executive Chef at Chateau Yering.

This market is not all just about eating and drinking and swanning around to pleasant music. There is a very serious side to this market. As Martin Cheney, Managing Director of Australian Harvest Fine Foods explained, “the single biggest way to reduce climate change is to eat organic food. According to a 30 year study organic practices can counteract up to 40% of global greenhouse gas output. A trial of organic and conventional farming practices has proved that organic practices can be the single biggest way to mitigate climate change.”

For more details on the Yarra Valley Gourmet Greenhouse and Ferndale Farmgate visit www.yvgg.com.au/

Yileena Park Address100 Ferndale Road, Silvan 3795
Phone Yarra Valley Gourmet GreenhouseMeagan’s Mobile: 0425 794 167
Stephen’s Mobile: 0419 003 704
Telephone: (03) 9737 9895
Facsimile: (03) 9737 9043