Alowyn Gardens

That’s right. All you had to do was be the 1000’th visitor to the recently opened Alowyn Gardens and you could have won FREE admission and a special gardening gift pack.

All you needed to do to win was visit the gardens sometime on Saturday the 13th of February. But it’s too late it’s over – the happy winners are pictured above. Now you will have to wait and be the 2000th visitor!

Alowyn Gardens opened late 2009 and is a superb example of what can be done with 4 acres of flat ground.

The purpose of the gardens at “Alowyn” is to provide an informative and educational experience for anyone interested not only in gardening, but also the enjoyment of a beautiful garden. It has been designed with shade and comfort in mind. Plants are being named and labeled to educate and inform the visitors about the gardens.

The gardens have been developed into six distinct areas all leading from one magnificent 100-metre long wisteria and rose covered arbor.