The Cog Bike Cafe on the Warby Trail

Every now and then you come across a place that just makes you smile! The Cog Bike Cafe is one of those places located at Warburton!

What is it about the Cog Bike Cafe that’s so appealing? In a word – EVERYTHING.

Who would have thought you could turn a tin shed into a thriving business. Damian Auton, that’s who. Damian, a passionate bicycle lover, came up with the idea a bit over four years ago and has created one of the cleverest little businesses we have seen for a some time.Damian Auton - The Cog Bike Cafe

The Cog is perfectly located on the Warburton Trail at Warburton on the edge of the Yarra Valley. The “Warby” Trail is a 4okm converted railway that runs through beautiful bushland with sweeping views of the Yarra Valley and surrounding ranges, only about an hour east of Melbourne.

The cafe offers pretty much everything a Warburton trail user needs to have a great day out. Hot and cold drinks, energy bars and some of the best muffins we have ever had. Damian perfected his muffin recipes during the four months he waited for the council to approve his permit. On Sundays, the busiest day for the cafe, they bake two varieties of mouth watering egg pies. Nothing tastes as good on a cool morning after a ride than a hot cappuccino and a freshly baked raspberry and white chocolate muffin.

Apart from the refreshments, the Cog Bike Cafe offers some serious gear for cyclists. They even make their own bikes and as well as being superbly crafted bikes they also have personality. Each bike is hand painted and named.

Midnight Rambler - The Cog Bike Cafe

If you don’t have a bike, that’s OK, they offer a bike hire service with very reasonable rates.

The Cog Bike Cafe Food Hot & cold drinks
Muffins – White Choc raspberry, apple cinnamon, carrot apple & walnut
Egg pies (Sunday only)
Where is The Cog Bike Cafe 42 Station Rd Warburton Victoria 3799

Phone The Cog Bike Cafe 03 5966 2213 The Cog Bike Cafe hours Weekdays:
9am – 6pm -Weekends:
10am – 6pm

We can’t recommend the Cog Bike Cafe highly enough! It’s got personality, position and purpose. If you haven’t done the Warburton trail yet then make sure when you do you stop by The Cog Bike Cafe and enjoy their hospitality, delicious snacks and bike repair! What a great combination. Watch the video below to get an idea of why we love it so much.

Enjoy our photo gallery below.

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